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Connect and collaborate with people relevant to you

Find and nurture international contacts

Connect with like-minded researchers and industry colleagues who are looking to collaborate with ease

Make new connections within your industry

Find new people within your industry and discover new ways to collaborate and commercialize new research

Community resources to help close deals faster

Streamline your commercialization process with the latest best practices, tips, hacks and suggestions from the community


Are you ready to connect with an international ecosystem focused on commercializing research?

You're a researcher......

Find relevant industry partners to fast track commercialization of your research

As a researcher, you want to be able to connect with commercialization collaborators – industry partners to take your lab scale prototype to market, potential “business” cofounder for your university incubated startup, find potential researchers to collaborate with on applied research, and find service providers with the expertise to take your project to the next level.

  • Let industry partners know the types of deals that you are seeking
  • Join groups to pose questions and search for potential partners
  • As a university, showcase the latest prototypes, facilities, equipment and startups  that industry partners can use to further their R&D efforts
  • Search for research collaborators on a global scale to go after international grants
  • Crowd source the solution for the problem you are currently facing

If you are a student researcher and you want to find potential collaborators for a project or a paper, see our FAQ’s below on how to sign up as a student.

You use research......

You are a product manager, CTO or entrepreneur looking to utilize the latest research and technology.

Peruse showcases by researchers and universities – see the latest in university incubated startups, technologies available for licensing / acquisition, and much more. 

  • Find the latest technology from around the world through our industry groups
  • As an entrepreneur, find a technical co-founder who has developed a novel technology and can lead the technical side of your startup
  • Discover researchers that are available for contract research using the latest government funded facilities
  • As a Product Manager, find the newest research to augment your product offering
  • In some jurisdictions, you can leverage funds spent on research at a recognized institution as part of an R&D credit program – such as SRED in Canada

Please note – if you cannot find what you are looking for, let us know and our team will actively go out and find the researcher or institution that is the perfect partner for you.

You help facilitate commercialization......

As a service provider, you provide the expertise and experience necessary for commercialization.

Facilitate commercialization by removing obstacles normally faced by both parties (research and industry), letting them leverage you to close deals, achieve new growth targets, or bring a new product to market.

A few of the categories include:

  • Accountants
  • Finance – banking, angel groups, VC’s, private equity
  • Consultants – HR, sales, marketing, and export
  • Mentorship and guidance – incubators, accelerators
  • Development and coding
  • Engineering and prototyping
  • Logistics and regulatory
  • Government agencies and government departments

Only a limited number of service providers per category – for example lawyers, coworking spaces, finance professionals, HR consultants, etc.

Choose your plan

An amazing one-line benefit that applies to all user types.


$ 10
Per Month
  • Post abstracts of your research
  • Find international research collaborators and apply for bigger grants
  • Find industry partners to commercilize your research
  • Connect with potential business co-founders to spin-out a startup
  • Join or start discussions in groups based on industry, region or other topics
  • Let industry partners know what type of deal you are looking for


$ 20
Per Month
  • Search for technology and researchers based on your organizations needs
  • No hidden fees to close a deal
  • Find a technical co-founder for your startup
  • Acquire the latest technology
  • See the latest facilities, equipment and capabilities that universities have to offer
  • Showcase your latest developments to entice investment from leading angels and VC's

Service Provider

$ 120
Per Month
  • Discover which organizations are in the market for your services
  • Showcase your expertise in groups by answering questions and providing guidance
  • Build relationships with prospects before they need services
  • Find and nurture international collaborators offering a similar service in a different part of the world
  • Join the fastest growing network of commercialization collaborators
Using the technology transfer platform


Your data is yours and yours alone.  You can do what you want with it.  We do not provide access to the platform to any third party applications or companies.  We do not sell or rent data.

We do not advertise, sell / rent data, nor do we make data available to third party applications.  As such, we charge a small membership fee to students to cover the cost of providing this service.  Here is the link for the student membership option.

Join relevant groups, connect with people in your field of research and industry, and ensure that you have a complete profile so that people can easily find you.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become harder to connect with other researchers since there are less in person conferences and meetups.

By forming an international team, researchers can apply for larger grants / funding, and access government funding or foundational research funding.

TTP is a community of researchers, industry partners and service providers that support commercialization.  

You can connect with people in your field of research, industry, and find experts that can help you achieve your commercialization goals.


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